The Perfect in Nature

Infinite Star 1 - Fish Creek Infinite Star 2 - Fish Creek Infinite Star - Gypsum Infinite Sun - Gypsum Infinite Star - Bisti Wilderness Area Infinite Sun 2 - Lava Flow Infinite Sun - Shell Hash I Infinite Star - Hite Crossing Infinite Star - Weston Beach, Pt. Lobos Infinite Star - ShoreAcres State Park, OR Infinite Star - Tracks, Clam Beach, CA Infinite Star - Tracks 2, Clam Beach, CA Infinite Star - Mussel and Barnacle colonies Barnacle Colony Goose Barnacles and Mussels Cartwheel - Lichen I Cartwheel - Lichen II Cartwheel - Wonderstone Cartwheel - Fish Creek Wonderstone Wash White Pocket - Coyote Buttes

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As a scientist, my eyes and mind have been trained to respond to patterns in the natural world. These patterns result from the response of complex systems to physical laws, whose ultimate expression is cast in mathematical form. Mathematical forms — be they equations or geometrical constructs — evoke a sense of beauty, much like a poem or symphony. But the world of nature, while shaped by physical laws, is inherently chaotic. My goal in this series of images is to use the worlds of mathematical perfection and beauty to show the equally profound beauty of the natural world.

These images make use of tile patterns generated by mathematical algorithms overlaid on complex natural systems operating in the real world. These systems, biological, chemical and physical, adjust to efficiently grow using the space they have available. In other images, fractal patterns are used to call attention to the structure of the naturally formed patterns. What I hope to evoke is a new, constructed world in which disordered nature is re-imagined through the eyes of mathematical order and perfection — creating in the mindʼs eye a new beauty that is neither order nor chaos.

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These images are available as archival digital prints 12 inches or 24 inches on a side. The prices, respectively, are $250 and $600 for matted prints. Prints of pairs of the Infinite Sun/Star images are also available at 12 × 30 inches and 24 × 56 inches, priced at $400 and $850 respectively.